Mythic Management is the parent company for the small businesses ran by Carly Kjelstrom. She is a busy entrepreneur wife & mom who loves books, video games, TV, and movies. Her businesses include woodworking, design, and more!


DRAGON WOODSHOP offers bespoke displays for the avid collector! Be it coins, books, pins, cards, or something else, if you collect it then Dragon Woodshop can display it.Carly enjoys the challenge of fully custom orders. Some of her most unique orders have included dice displays, custom board games, and unique challenge coin displays. Please send her a message at so she can create the display you have always dreamed of for your special collection!Please follow her on Instagram to keep up with her current projects!

collectors guild cafe

The COLLECTORS GUILD CAFE is an upcoming comic series about a group of friends, their carious wonderful collections, and the stories behind them. There may even be a mystery brewing!To celebrate the grand opening of the Cafe, we held a crowdfund for the CGC 2024 calendar on BackerKit. You can order the Cafe goodies HERE!

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